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LexisNexis Accident Reporting System

The Lyons Police Department has entered into an agreement with LexisNexis to place traffic accident reports On-Line. The LexisNexisAccident Report System was selected to serve as our traffic accident insurance and citizen request technology.

What is LexisNexis?  LexisNexis is an Internet based application that was developed to help law enforcement agencies and insurance companies manage and access traffic accident reports in a more efficient manner. Through the use of cutting edge online document management technology, you are now able to rapidly find and view an accident report, usually within one business day, hours of the accident occurring. No more waiting in line or mailing report request forms. Now you can access your reports over the Internet, 24 hours a day!

Like most law enforcement agencies across America, the Lyons Police Department has been pursuing an alternative to the hardcopy reporting, storing, and servicing of report requests. Lyons Police Department concluded that the LexisNexis system was the most suitable and secure solution as a local accident repository for insurance and citizen report requests.  Lyons Police Department wanted a system that was designed to do the following:

1.  Allow for multi-jurisdictional data sharing and searching

2.  A comprehensive system to facilitate web accessible availability of accident reports for insurance     companies, officers and citizens

3.  Remove the police department from the billing and request
      fulfillment process

4.  Provide officers and investigators access to accident information
      for all agencies on the system.

We expect Internet viewing and printing will significantly reduce the time spent dealing with insurance agencies and citizens seeking copies of traffic crashes. Commander Neil Sexton noted: "It is our desire to provide a level of expediency to anyone wishing to view and print police reports in the convenience of their home or business, of which has not been available from our agency before." The Lyons Police Records unit files nearly 450 traffic crash reports yearly. Normally each crash report will contain two drivers. This means approximately 1800 individuals and or insurance companies request copies of reports.

Wait times at the Police Records unit can reach several days for visitors wishing to purchase a report copy. This new on-line method will provide an alternative and more expedient method for obtaining the information they need.

*    Reports are available from work or home, 24 hours a day via the

*    Saves citizens the hassles of driving to the Village, Parking and standing in line.

*    Reports are converted to PDF format making them easy to view, save, print and email.

Finding a report takes only a few seconds.

Reports are accessible usually within 24 hours of being scanned, excluding holidays and weekends.

*    Reports cannot be modified, maintaining report integrity.

*    Clear, high resolution images of each report for optimal viewing and printing.

LexisNexis provided our Police Department with scanning software and training at no charge. LexisNexis charges a nominal convenience fee for this service which is added to the cost of the report.  Citizens who do not wish to pay the convenience fee can still come to the police station and pay the normal report fee if they wish. Visit http://ecrash.lexisnexis.com to learn more about LexisNexis and it's services.