Fire Services

Open Burning

Open burning is prohibited in the Village of Lyons.  No burning of leaves, uprooted weed grass clippings, waste materials, garbage, refuse products, glass or metal containers, paper, wood, cardboard, ashes and cinders, and discarded furniture and clothing shall be permitted upon any private lot or public ground within the Village limits.

Storage of Combustible Refuse or Materials  

It is prohibited to permit or store any combustible refuse or materials in such way as to create a fire hazard, or to store or throw any refuse or materials of any kind on any street, alley, or other public place.


It is prohibited to build or light on any public street or sidewalk pavement or so close to any building or other structure as to endanger such building or structure.

False Fire Alarms

It is prohibited for any person to knowingly start or spread or maliciously turn in or cause to be turned in, any false alarm in the Village.

Recreational Fires

Recreational Fires are permitted on residential and other properties subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

1.  All such fires shall be contained at all times within an outdoor fireplace.*

2.  All such fires shall be in locations that are clear of buildings or structures, electrical lines, and other hazards.

3.  No such fires shall be permitted on wooden structures, balconies, porches, or other areas attached to any building.

4.  All such fires shall be attended at all times, by an adult no less than eighteen (18) years of age, and at all times there shall be a ready source of water available to immediately extinguish the fire.

5.  No person shall cause or allow the smoke or odors from a recreational fire to go beyond the boundaries of his/her property, so as to cause a nuisance to neighboring properties.

6.  Outdoor fireplaces shall not be modified or otherwise altered to create larger fires. Such fireplaces shall at all times be operated within the manufacturer’s specifications and allow for adequate collection of ash. Outdoor fireplaces shall be limited to the burning of firewood only. The burning of garbage, trash, refuse or similar items is prohibited.*

*Please Note:  An outdoor fireplace is defined as a unit constructed or manufactured, with all the design components in place, that is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, or comparable testing agency, that is designed to burn a limited quantity of wood which is burned for recreational purposes and which is designed so as to contain the ashes and/or embers while in use and when the user is finished.