Licenses & Permits

Vehicle Stickers:
All Lyons residents and businesses need a Village vehicle sticker for their motor vehicles. Stickers must be renewed annually, beginning April 1 of each year, and are not transferable between vehicles. A graduated late penalty is applied to stickers purchased beginning May 1. Thank you in advance for purchasing your sticker in a timely manner.
Business Licenses:

Approximately 290 businesses are located within the Village of Lyons. The Village requires all commercial, industrial, and home occupations to be licensed unless exempted by State Statute. The licensing process is as follows:

  • Before planning a new business, check with the Building and Code Department to see if the proposed location is properly zoned for the new business use.
  • Apply for a business occupancy inspection and license.
  • Correct violations, if any, as noted by the inspection report and call for re-inspection.
  • Upon verification of code and zoning compliance and payment of all fees, a license will be issued.
  • All businesses are inspected annually by the Lyons Fire Department. The inspection is designed to promote fire safety.
Pet Licenses and Regulations:
  No more than three (3) dogs/cats are permitted per single-family residence and no more than one (1) per unit in multi-family buildings.   Animals shall not run free and are prohibited in Village parks.   Dog pens are not allowed within 8 feet of a side lot line or within 25 feet of a neighboring house.   Owners shall keep exterior areas free from animal feces and clean up after pets while walking them. Owners are required to get a license for dogs and cats annually.
Construction Permits:

A Village permit is required prior to starting work for most construction, remodeling, and rehabilitation projects such as new dwellings, garages, additions, remodeling (except for painting), electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling installations, re-roofing, fences, and swimming pools. Major construction projects also require a set of plans prepared, signed, and sealed by a licensed architect or engineer.

When planning your project, please contact the Building and Code Department for permit and plan requirements.

Garage Sale and Other For Sale Signs:

Local garage sales require a permit ($1.00 fee). Sales are permitted no more than three (3) consecutive days and no more than twice per year. Garage sale hours are limited to 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. No item purchased for intentional sale or resale at a profit may be sold from a private residence.

Community Event Signs:
  For use of the Village of Lyons recreation department lighted sign, the request form may be retrieved from the Village Hall.  The lighted sign, located at the Fire Department, is available to resident non-profit groups.  For more information please contact the Village Hall at (708) 780-5200.



For use of an advertisement on the Lyons TeleVision Channel 6, the request form may be retrieved from the Village Hall.  Requests must:  be of interest for the residents of Lyons, contain a short descriptive message in order to be broadcast, and be submitted at least one week prior to the event date.  Messages may not pertain to political candidates or events, or events promoting gambling, alcohol, or other inapporpriate content.


Bicycle Registration:

The registration of bicycles is optional to all Village residents.  By voluntarily registering your bicycle, it becomes easier to relocate in cases of theft.  Contact the Police Department at (708) 447-1225 for further information.

Alarm Permits:

Fire/burglary alarm permits can be purchased at a yearly rate of $15.00 per building from the Police Department.

Note:  Any resident or business who has an alarm can be penalized after the third time the alarm has been falsely sounded.  The false alarm fees are as follows:

4-6 False Alarms:   Fire related - $150.00, Police related - $25.00 

7-9 False Alarms:   Fire related - $150.00, Police related - $50.00

10+ False Alarms:  Fire related - $200.00, Police related - $100.00