Public Works Services


Winter Snow and Ice Patrol

Parking is prohibited on selected streets when snow of 2" or greater has fallen. Violators on these streets will be ticketed. To avoid a ticket, please take note of the signs located on the streets and make sure to avoid parking on designated signed snow routes.


Branch/Brush Pick Up and Chipper Service

Branch Pick-Up/Chipper Service is from April through October. The schedule is as follows:


Area 1: West side of Lawndale (including addresses on Lawndale)

            2nd Monday of each month

Area 2: East of Lawndale (not including Lawndale)

           4th Monday of each month


Please adhere to the following rules when taking advantage of the Branch Pick-Up/Chipper Service:


    -Residents should have their branches neatly stacked on the parkway by 7:00 a.m. on the morning of the scheduled pick-up.

    -Do not block sidewalks or ditches.

    -Branches must be over ½ inch but not more than 8 inches in diameter or four feet in length.

    -Brush should not be bundled.

    -Brush should not be stacked higher than three feet.

    -Please remove any spikes, hooks, or other metal objects.

    -Public Works will not return for branches placed on the park way after your block has been complete.


Street Sweeping


This service begins the first of April and continues until the last week of November. The sweeper will clean a section of the Village on the first Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the month. Signs are posted on streets advising of street sweeping days. Vehicles parked on the streets on street-sweeping days will be ticketed.


Wood Chips


Wood chips produced from the brush chipping program are available free to all Lyons residents. Contact Street Division Foreman Bill Capouch at 708-442-4500 for information.