Water & Sewer Services


The Water & Sewer operations of the Public Works Department are resonsible for maintaining the Village's water system and combined stormwater-sanitary sewer system.  The water system consists of the pump house where water is received from the City of Chicago, water tower, and the mains, valves, and serivces that distribute potable water to Village residents.  The sewer system consists of the services and mains that collect sewage and stormwater runoff and discharge the collected sewage to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. 

The responsibility of the Public Works Department as it pertains to the Water & Sewer systems includes repairing any leaks in main or service lines, monitoring pump house operations, maintaining valves and other mechanical parts within the two systems, and conducting meter reads and turnoffs in conjunction with the billing operations of the Village.

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

The MWRD is the regional agency which receives and treats our sewage.  They also constructed and maintain the deep tunnel storm water system.

In cases of Emergency

If your property is in danger or if your sewer backs up, contact Public Works Water and Sewer Department at (708) 442-4416 during working hours or the Lyons Police Department at (708) 447-1225 after hours. 

Repair and Maintenance

Property owners are responsible for the repair and maintenance of their sewer service line to the village sewer main. The Village maintains the system of sewer mains. If you have a backup, always call Public Works first.

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