Water, Sewer, & Garbage Rate Increase

Dear Customer,

The Village of Lyons placed a scheduled rate increase in effect on October 1, 2019 for water, sewer, and garbage Rates.  This is the first rate increase for water and sewer services since 2014 and the first increase since 2010 for garbage services.

The adjustments are required due to the increased costs since the rates were previously set.  The most substantial cost is the water rate increases the City of Chicago charges our water suppliers.

The Village of Lyons works diligently to keep water, sewer, and garbage costs down and only increases rates when absolutely necessary.  In early 2019, Lyons shifted its water purchasing to a new wholesaler, the Village of McCook, to gain access to the most competitive pricing.  Based on this change, the wholesale water cost went down 5%.  The Village’s previous water supplier, Brookfield-North Riverside Water Commission, had also set additional permanent rate increases of 20% for a 17-million-dollar water main upgrade outside of the Village of Lyons.  Our scheduled water rate increase would have been far greater had the Village of Lyons not shifted its water purchasing to the Village of McCook.

The impact of the rate varies depending on the type of customer.  For a minimum use water and sewer customer, the bi-monthly (two month) water and sewer bill increased by $5.40 from $37.00 to $42.40.  For a typical residential user that uses 8,000 gallons of water, every two months, the increase is $7.80 from $81.00 to $88.80.

As for garbage rates, all service sizes were increased by a flat rate of $4.10 per bi-monthly bill.

In conclusion, the Village strives and will continue to strive to moderate costs to residents while still providing high quality services.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Christopher Getty

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