Historical Commission

Commission: Ten (10) members
Meetings: 4th Tuesday, 7:00 p.m. Zion Lutheran Church

The Commission has the duty of preserving the historical records and artifacts pertaining to the history of the Village: of educating on the use of all historical objects for educational, informational, and other proper purposes as well as other related duties that may be delegated by the President and Board of Trustees. The commission was formed in 1968.

Mission Statement
The purposes of the Lyons Historical Commission Museum are to collect, preserve, and display artifacts and archival materials pertinent to Lyons, Illinois and Cook County. Artifacts and archival materials that have no proven relation to the history or people of Cook County may also be acquired for the collection, but only when the artifacts or archival materials are the same, or comparable to, ones that would have been a part of the history of Lyons.

The collection shall include items relevant to the history and life of Cook County, Lyons, or pertinent to the culture of the nation. Displays utilizing artifacts of the collection will be presented for the general public to further historical education.

Hofmann Tower
Constructed in 1908 by George Hofmann Jr., the Hofmann Tower is one of the village’s most prominent landmarks. Originally part of a larger recreational area including parkland and a boat dock, the tower fell out of use and stood vacant for many years. In 1972, it was named a village landmark, and in 1978, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Lyons Historical Commission Museum opened in 1988 and reopened the tower to the public. Sadly, the museum is currently closed due to the deterioration of the building.

For more about the Hofmann Tower:

Volunteer to help
Every Tuesday at 2pm – 4pm, volunteers gather in the Historical Commission office to organize records and improve the collection. The office can be reached from the rear entrance of Zion Lutheran Church. Current projects include building a history of businesses that have operated in Lyons.

The following items are available for purchase at the Historical Commission office:

  • Hofmann Tower T-shirt in heather gray
  • LED keychain flashlight, commemorating the 100 year anniversary of Hofmann Tower
  • Set of three photos postcards depicting scenes of Lyons
  • Hofmann Tower key rings
  • Hofmann Tower paperweights
  • Wooden nickels
  • Mousepads are sold out

Lyons Car Show
The Historical Commission has a booth at the annual Father’s Day Car Show in Lyons. Learn a little of the village’s history while you enjoy the classic cars.

Collecting History
Do you own a home or business in Lyons? Part of preserving history is collecting information from original sources, and we want to know more about your home or business from you. Please take the time to fill out a house history or business history form. You can bring completed forms to the Historical Commission office, or mail them to the address below.

Did you know…

  • Cermak Park was the location of an amusement park? Built in 1906, Cream City was a popular attraction for the area until it burned down the following year.
  • Lyons was home to the Whoopee Coaster in the late 1920s? Constructed of wood planks, patrons drove their own car along the hilly track.

Stop by the village hall and check out the Historical Commission display case for more of our village’s history.

For more about the Historical Commission, contact:

Nadine Pankow, President
Lyons Historical Commission
P.O. Box 392, Lyons, IL 60534

or call (708) 447-0753


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