Motor Vehicles and Parking

Village Hall 4200 Lawndale Avenue, Lyons, IL 60534
Phone: (708) 442-4500
Fax: (708) 442-4431

Vehicle Stickers
Lyons Village Code Section 9-1-2A: “Each owner of a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or motor driven cycle who resides within the village, or whose vehicle has its situs or base within the village, shall annually purchase a license for such vehicle and pay to the village an annual license fee.”

Vehicle Stickers can be purchased…

  • In-person at the Village Hall, 4200 Lawndale Ave.
  • By mail, contact the Village Hall at (708) 442-4500 for more information
  • Online by clicking HERE

Overnight Parking
Overnight parking is allowed on the majority of Village streets as long as it is not expressly prohibited by a Village sign.

Handicap Parking on Residential Streets
Persons who would like a handicap parking sign in the street in front of their house must be approved by the Lyons Police Department. The applicant must submit documentation from a physician that he/she is physically handicapped and requires the sign, and the street parking must improve the disabled resident’s accessibility to his/her home. In general, handicap parking signs are not approved when a driveway already exists on the property. For further information, contact the Lyons Police Department.

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