Community Programs

These programs were put into place by the Police Department to ensure a safe and aware community within the Village of Lyons. The Police Department encourages its citizens to take part in these programs in any way they can, and to abide by the law in order to promote a safe and happy environment for families to live in.

House Watch
The Lyons Police Department is pleased to offer a house watch program. The house watch program assigns officers to periodically check the exterior of your house while you are away on vacation.

Officers will – at various, unscheduled times – go to your house, walk around the exterior for a visual inspection, and physically check doors to make sure they are secure. If an officer finds something wrong or out of place, the key-holder will be notified. It is up to the key-holder to take any corrective action on the property.

To assist the officers checking your residence, please fill out the house watch form with as much information as you can. The form can be found at the Lyons Police Station.

If your departure or return date changes, please contact the Lyons Police Department at 708-447-1225 to inform them of the change. Please include any additional information that you feel the Police Department would need to know on the form. Such examples of this information are: neighbors with a large dog that may bite, someone watering plants inside the house, a car left on the driveway, etc.

Registered Sex Offenders
The Lyons Police Department maintains registered sex offender information for residents of Lyons. Public viewing is allowed for all registered juvenile sex offenders during normal business hours at the Police Station.

Please use the following link to check the web for registered juvenile sex offenders:
Illinois Attorney General – Sex Offender Registry

Vehicle Visors for the Hearing Impaired
A free vehicle visor will be issued to any resident with hearing impairments. This visor, which announces that the vehicle occupant is deaf or hard of hearing, can be used when a hearing impaired driver is stopped by the police or for other emergency purposes. Our 9-1-1 system is outfitted with TDD equipment.

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